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Organized by habit

There are many ways to organize a closet. Here is a quick and easy way to use your habits as a guide to setup your storage. Organizing by categories look great, but if you are having trouble maintaining the look, try another way that works best for you.

Put together your ensembles for the week, and place them where you always check first. Some of us have a habit of digging right into the middle of the closet first, and some may start from left to right.

To find out where your natural starting point is, walk over to your closet, and pay attention to where you tend to automatically lean towards first. This will be your starting point. Place the outfits there, and hang the unused hangers on the opposite side or end of the closet.

Keeping unused hangers together will make the closet look neat and orderly. It also saves you time searching for them when you need them.

When you can continuously find your way around your closet, without giving it much thought is when you will know you have the best system that works for you in place.

Here are some great racks to display your looks on.

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